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Mentor Visual iQ Hand-held portable industrial video endoscope

Integrated portable design, flexible touch screen, special detection and analysis technology, operators can easily operate, connect in real time, complete inspections in time, improve work efficiency, and shorten inspection time.

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3D Stereo Phase Scan Measurement
Three-dimensional stereo phase scanning measurement is a breakthrough measurement technology in the field of endoscope inspection. This measurement method can complete observation and measurement with one lens, without changing lenses and relocating defects, saving working time and improving detection efficiency.
The three-dimensional stereo phase scanning measurement method scans the surface of the detected area and provides a cross-sectional view, that is, the cross-section of the detection object, so that the contours and features of the defects are more clear and help the operator to make more accurate judgments.
Mentor Visual iQ's new version of 3D phase scanning measurement takes industrial video endoscope applications to new heights.

Section view
Profile of depth measurement
Grayscale image of crack point cloud on turbine page
Chromaticity map of crack point cloud on turbine page
Length measurement

Point-to-line distance measurement
Depth measurement
Area measurement
Multi-segment length measurement
Turbine blade and brake clearance measurement

Three-dimensional stereo double objective lens measurement technology
Three-dimensional stereo dual-objective measurement is based on the traditional ordinary objective lens to achieve 3D point cloud imaging technology. The traditional ordinary dual-objective measurement lens is realized by using new algorithms and calibration processing technology. This measurement technology not only has the original advantages of ordinary dual-objective measurement, but also supports the left and right screens to image and realize 3D point cloud images effectiveness.

Remote assisted detection
Mentor Visual iQ ? integrated handheld portable industrial video endoscope system, can provide remote collaboration software Inspection Works Connect, and realize remote interconnection through Wi-Fi, sharing ongoing inspection video images with off-site experts to Experts can annotate inspection images to achieve two-way collaboration, and can quickly assist field engineers to make more accurate judgments, improve work efficiency, and reduce work costs; purchase Inspect Works Connect software to achieve remote and interconnected collaborative inspection functions.

Powerful, portable, fast, connected
? Multi-touch screen, ergonomic joystick and physical buttons for easier operation
? Color SUPER HAD CCD camera with 5x digital zoom and new dynamic image processing system
? 6.5-inch (16.5 cm) active-matrix XGA color LCD display, easily recognizable in daylight, clear and recognizable images, and improved detection probability
? Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) still image capture technology to capture highly clear real-time video and still images
? Use 3D phase measurement (6.1 mm diameter probe) or stereo measurement (6.1mm or 4mm diameter probe)

? Portable, lightweight and ergonomic design with a net weight of 3.0 kg
? Rugged design meets IP65, IP55, MIL STD 461F and MIL STD 810G standards
? Support dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0
? Flow detection of inspection (MDI) software supports inspectors to complete the inspection process, intelligently name files, and create MS Word® and PDF-compatible inspection reports
? Provides 16 GB internal solid state drive
? Two USB 3.0 host A ports and one USB 3.0 client B port

? High-capacity, replaceable, rechargeable lithium battery, no need for charging base, in compliance with air transport regulations
? Replaceable 4.0mm and 6.1mm probes, providing a variety of lengths, suitable for applications in various industries
? The safety double-threaded structure of the optical lens allows easy replacement
? High-intensity LED light source and advanced image processing technology can improve image brightness
? Multiple customizable support arms to choose from
? Optional easy-to-carry trolley carrying case, optional wider bench for accommodating multiple probes and accessories

Application area

Oil and gas field
Power field
Traditional detection field

Chinese Introduction

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